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I work as a tireless researcher and writer to try to make the necessary information more accessible to you as readers. I have a great education in science and in the arts. I have read widely from before the age of five. The experience of reading widely in the arts and sciences over a lifetime stands me and any readers in good stead.

A great many years of life experience lends itself to the critical sharp edge of realistic engagement I value so highly with my readers.

This allows me to blend the two to bring you a unique point of view you will find nowhere else. In addition my work in music adds yet another dimension to these 100% original exercises into the definition and redefining of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Life is a journey and any decent writing reflects this. As I write I am surprised and grateful anew with the vast possibilities. I can’t imagine writing without readers although apparently I did exactly this for years. In this adventure my aim is to share this enthusiasm. Welcome.

Will not deny this will include difficult - perhaps uncomfortable -topics for myself and possibly for most readers. What we’re going through in 2023 is far from easy.

My personal trust is that we can better face these things together.To Liberty and Truth! We will abide. Truth always wins.

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I write and usually publish daily. I write alone without a staff. I looked forward to your comments. I frequently share the work of other writers for your convenience and to make the posts I write a more enriching experience,

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I have begun making a paid option to my stack available. My intent is to keep posts open to everyone and I make extra effort to keep them free to all. As my costs are high this means I am providing a public service.

I encourage those who are able to choose a paid option. But I thank all of you for participating in the adventure which this stack represents for all of us.

We are stronger together in whatever measure of interdependence we can learn to participate in.

Independence is interdependence.

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Mom of 6 grown kids: 2 tech executives, 2 musicians, 2 psychologists. 10 grandchildren. Writer, Musician, seamstress for the band. Married to a genius. Born Berkeley, CA. Thousands of readers.


Mom of six grown children including two psychologists, two tech executives, two musicians and a nonprofit organization exec. Ten grandchildren. Md. to a genius. B. Berkeley. Musician, drummer, cook, gardener & seamstress for the band.